Tepas Facilities

Tepaş A.S. Company has produced electrical home and garden appliances since 1978 and after 1983, the company has involved in the production of various types of universal and asynchronous motors.

Tepaş A.S.. Company combines a long term experience with the benefits of advanced technology by using full automatic machines in the manufacturing processes.


We produce various types of AC and DC electric motors in a power range of 40W to 2500W and gearboxes for these.These are mainly used in medical,food,automotive,home appliance industries as well as military and electrification projects.

The motors we present in this web site are in series production.Beside these,we would like to inform you that we are able to produce every type of electric motor upon request.

Tepaş Product Test Capabilities 

Tepaş Military Products are controlled according to international Military Standards. All of these controls are accomplished by Tepaş personell and equipment.    

  • MilSpect 810E
  • MilSpect 1275 
  • MilSpect 461E EMI/EMC
  • -32 C Cold Environment test Room
  • Smartscope Two Dimensional measurement device
  • Galileo Hardness Measurement device
  • High Voltage Insulation and Surge Testing device
  • Voltage -Current Supplies
  • Eddy Current Testing machine
  • Alternaror Test Machine
  • PTO Alternator Test Machine
  • High Temperature Specimen Test Furnace
  • Magtrol Motor Test Machine (Small Motors)
  • EMI/EMC Laboratory